The Preschool Pack


The Preschool Pack is perfect for younger kids who are attending Pre-school (obviously :) ! It has a good variety of labels and the perfect quantities to get you going. It is made up of 169 labels using 5 different label types!

The Pre-school Pack contains the following: (Sizes are height x width)
50 Multi-purpose labels - 13mm x 51mm
80 Micro labels - 5mm x 16mm
8 Shoe Shields Laminates. Placed over Multi-purpose labels - 24mm x 68mm
1 Bag Tag - Credit Card size - 85mm x 54mm
30 Iron-on/Sew-in Clothing labels. Printed in Blue or Pink - 12mm x 46mm
Total of 170 name labels!
  • Multi-purpose labels: juice bottles, lunch boxes, pencil cases, glue sticks, sports equipment, highlighters, rulers, calculators, staplers & laptops.
  • Micro labels: scissors, flash disks, erasers, tippex, sharpeners, watches, mobile phones, eye wear, iPods etc.
  • Shoe labels: running shoes, school shoes, wellies, football boots, ballet shoes - and any other shoe!
  • Bag Tags: school bags, gym or sports bags,musical instrument cases, backpacks, book bags, library bags, hand luggage and suitcases.
  • Iron-on/Sew-in clothing labels: blazers, shirts, ties, jerseys, hats, dresses, shorts, skirts, hats, coats, socks, dressing gowns, linen, bedding and so on.

Please see the individual items to view their instructions and characteristics.