Wrap-around Pen & Pencil Labels


Easy to use, simply peel and stick! Our unique wrap-around pen and pencil labels can be used on most writing utensils including pens, pencils and felt-tipped pens. They are perfect to use on anything with a rounded shape! Use them on the shaft of your golf clubs or anything that has a wire such as chargers or earphones! This label is also waterproof!

Because they are self-laminating, and the clear part of the label protects the printed section meaning they are very well protected against fidgety children who love picking and scratching at labels!

In addition to that, when left handed children are learning to write, they can be visually put off by the writing printed down the side of pens and pencils. For them, the print is upside down and this can muddle the brain when also trying to concentrate on writing new letters....supposedly!?

These labels can cover the print so your kids are reading their name correctly down the pen or pencil, when using it!

Now, we're not sure if this has been proven to help scientifically... but our labels have been scientifically proven to make pens and pencils easier to identify at school!

  • Waterproof
  • Self laminating (text is protected)
  • Industrial grade materials and ink
  • Size - 57mm (h) x 25mm (w) when flat
  • Printed in black text on a 1/3 white, 2/3 clear, self-laminating label.

1. Peel the label off the sheet.

2. Apply the white end of the label to the object/pen.

(The straighter the bottom of the label on the pen, the better it seals)

3. Wrap the clear part around the pen over the white area while maintaining a firm tension.

General sticky name label best practices:

  • The less your fingers come into contact with the adhesive, the better they will stick. (due to natural oils on your skin)
  • Do not attempt to test if the label is stuck! If it is lifted it will break the adhesion and will result in lifting or peeling of the labels over time.
  • These have no required drying time as they are self-laminating.

WARNING: Before giving anything you have labelled to children, please check that the labels are completely and safely attached.