The Mini Pack


The Mini Pack is perfect or younger or older kids who do not require any iron on labels or book labels! It includes 140 labels using 4 different label types! 

It is ideal for labelling all your stationery, sports equipment and personal belongings your kids may take with them to school. 

The Mini Pack contains the following: (Sizes are height x width)
60 Wrap-around Pen & Pencil labels - 57mm x 25mm (when flat)
40 Multi-purpose labels - 13mm x 51mm
40 Micro labels - 5mm x 16mm
    Total of 140 name labels! 

    • Pen & Pencil labels: pencils, pens, paint brushes, correction pens, felt tips, paint brushes, cables, wires, swimming goggles, golf clubs. pencils, pens, correction pens, felt tips, paint brushes, cables, wires, golf clubs.
    • Multi-purpose labels: juice bottles, lunch boxes, pencil cases, glue sticks, sports equipment, highlighters, rulers, calculators, staplers & laptops.
    • Micro labels: scissors, flash disks, erasers, tippex, sharpeners, watches, mobile phones, eye wear, iPods etc.


    Please see the individual items to view their instructions and characteristics.